The Forever Bracelet

I want to thank everyone who has supported us, and Nana Mensah by ordering a forever bracelet. At this time, we are taking a break and not accepting orders for new bracelets until we find a solution to our conundrum.

I have come to learn that the wire thread that I use is not as indestructible as I thought it was and that the bracelets are not, in fact, forever. The life span on some of the bracelets is as short as three months, and I do not feel that I can sell something called “forever” that might not last at least a year or two…

I am looking for a solution, and if I find one, I will relaunch the Forever Bracelet at that time. Thank you again.

If you ordered a Forever Bracelet and it breaks, please let me know and I will either repair or replace it at least once. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Much Love,

Kirstin & Nana