The Forever Bracelet

The Forever Bracelet is a hand made, glass bead wrist band that can hold as much symbolism to YOU as you want it to. The triangles can represent beings you love, or ideals you hold. Or, you can choose a design that simply makes you happy. Either way, I am happy to make it for you.

You can choose to stitch the bracelet around your wrist, essentially making it a part of you. Or, you can choose to have a clasp added.

Simply follow the instructions on how to measure your wrist in “Instructions“, answer the prompts in “Design Your Forever Bracelet“, and send money in “Pay” and you’ll receive a custom bracelet tailored to your wrist size and personal tastes. I also make anklets and choker necklaces.

Thank you for visiting The Forever Bracelet! I hope you love your bracelet and that it becomes a part of you.

Finally, even something called a Forever Bracelet might not last forever if it is subject to a lot of wear and tear. If you order a Forever Bracelet and it breaks, please let me know and I will either repair or replace it once.

Much Love,

Kirstin & Nana