This simple and lovely bracelet was born on a beach, in Baja California Sur, among loved ones in the summer of 2017. During a surf trip to Scorpion Bay, I (who am not a surfer) was happy to be with my good friends, my partner, and our darling dog, Nana Mensah. Between dips in the ocean and visits to the cantina for the best burritos of my life, I sat with my friends’ kids and created beaded earrings and bracelets. Pixel, who is 14, made herself a thin band. I didn’t bring my full wire kit with me, so I didn’t have the materials to make a clasp for it. So, we stitched it around her wrist as a permanent bracelet. It was so cute that I made one of my own. After that I made five more for other people in our group. The forever bracelet was born.

The things I love about the forever bracelet are: its simplicity, durability, smooth texture and meaningfulness. I weave it using glass seed beads and special wire thread, which makes it waterproof and strong. The clean lines of the triangles evoke mountains, trees, waves, or beings, depending on how you choose to look at it. The lack of a clasp makes it difficult if not impossible to see where the bracelet begins and ends, lending an extra level of meaning to its name. My own bracelet has three triangles: one for Nana Mensah, one for Ryan, and one for myself. Each time I look down at my wrist I am reminded of the beings I love, forever.


Nana Mensah is the furry love of my life. He was born fifteen years ago in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Africa; we met when I was serving there in the Peace Corps. He was the cutest little puppy, and we quickly grew attached to each other in a major way. He was my truest friend in times of loneliness, my best companion. After Peace Corps, he and I moved to the northern part of Ghana, where we lived with my African family. When I would go home to the United States, he would stay with Daniel, Hawa and all the kids. He had a fun, free, happy life for a time, until he learned the unfortunate skill of goat hunting, landing himself in some trouble. After two years of living in relative confinement on account of his naughty habit, my partner Ryan and I were finally able to get him over to the states, and we have all been together ever since. The love between us all has grown exponentially ever since then.

And now, Nana is very sick. My heart is broken and I can’t really help him all that much. He has a malignant, inoperable tumor in his mouth. Cancer. I know that he is 15 years old, and that he has had a wonderful life, full of love. But that knowledge doesn’t make this any easier.

There just a few things that we can do to help him feel more comfortable in the mean time. He takes natural cancer supplements, including turmeric, Chinese mushrooms, and cbd oil. His tumor is a nasty one, though, and it continues to grow and get worse. One of our only glimmers of hope right now is palliative radiation therapy, which he is currently undergoing.

We don’t know how much radiation is going to help, but we hope that it provides him with relief for a few months, and gives us all more time together. Our trip to Baja was very meaningful for the three of us. The forever bracelet was born out of this loving experience, and I hope that it can continue working its magic. For you see, radiation is expensive for us. Sales of this bracelet will help with the costs. And once I see my way through this nightmare, I will look for another worthy cause for the forever bracelet.

You can order your custom forever bracelet through this website. I have instructions on how to measure your wrist, how to increase and decrease the length if necessary, and how to sew the bracelet onto yourself or your friend. You can select your base color, number of triangles, and triangle color(s). Or, if you see one you like on the site, just tell me the name and I’ll recreate a similar one in your size. Each forever bracelet is custom made, by me, to order.

The idea of the forever bracelet being a sewn-on, relatively permanent  bracelet is what I actually love about it the most. However, I understand that there will be people out there that would like one of these bands but would prefer a clasp. I can add a clasp for an additional fee.

I hope that you love your bracelet, and that you send me a photo of you wearing it once it is part of you.

Thank you,

Kirstin Green